Monday, 7 June 2010

Music Right Nowish

Music that makes me dance/laugh/be sad/go mmm at the moment -

Scuba - Tense (Ramadanman Remix)
Ramadanman - Glut/Tempest
Sage Francis - Best of times
Four Tet - Sing (Floating Points Remix)
Mount Kimbie - SCB/James Blake/Falty DL/Instra:mental Remixes
Pariah - Orpheus
Scuba - Lights out
Dubkasm - Transform I Remixes
First Aid Kit - The Big Black & The Blue
Heather Woods Broderick - From The Ground
Villagers - Becoming a Jackal
The National - High Violet
Holy Fuck - Latin
Demlike Stare - Forest of Evil
Wild Nothing - (forget the album name, but it is good)
Oh Ruin - got an EP out called Silver Lining (its amazing)
Lauren Pitchard - Stuck (Guido Remix) mmmmmm
Guido - Anidea - If popular 'clubs' played more music like this (and its not that much of an ask) i might not despise everything about them so fucking much
Onra - Long Distance (I want to hear future funk! I want to hear future funk!!)

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